In 1997, Pharmacopoeial Center (the first of its kind in the former USSR) introduced a pharmacopoeial analysis test for bacterial endotoxins using turbidimetric kinetic and gel-clot method, and subsequently chromogenic endotoxin assessment methodology. We have been using instruments and reagents manufactured by various companies for more than 20 years for the quality control of pharmaceutical products in the «Bacterial endotoxins» test.


First edition of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine (2001) that included an article on Bacterial endotoxins, prepared and published by our Center, was followed by the widespread adoption of «Bacterial endotoxins» test across Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises. Since then we have made our priority to continue providing consulting services to support pharmacopoeial analysis including test for endotoxins.


We continue to provide an exceptional level of scientific and technical support for Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises when it comes to practical use of LAL reagents and test performance including “Фармаком” publications and on-line support.