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  • The problem and it’s connection with other scientific and practical aims, analysis of a latest researchers and publications with abstraction the aim of an article;
  • Aims of an article;
  • The main material with grounds of results;
  • Resume.

Articles are typewritten (Times New Roman font, font size 14) on 1 side only of A4 size paper, double spaced and with at least a 2.5 cm margin all around. Electronic versions of texts are preferably in Word or RTF format. Authors are encouraged, wherever possible, to avoid footnotes and to include the information in the main body of the text. Greek letters are written in full in the text in capitals (for capital Greek letters) or in lower case (for lower case Greek letters) and have a full stop before and after the letter. This is illustrated in the following examples: .beta, .alpha. .SIGMA. .OMEGA. The Greek symbol will be printed in the final version of the text.

The article might be in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages, 2 complete hard copies with signatures of all authors.

Authors’ names and initials have to be at the first page of an article, the name of a place of work and an article’s name, UDC.

In a materials have to be summery of an article, information about the every of authors (authors’ names and initials, information about them, academic status (the year), scientific degree (the year), work place, telephone number.

The accommodation latter and expert’s report as possibility of publication have to be with an article.

Authors are required to include all original files for figures and tables. Numerical data and tables are acceptable in Word or Excel format. All figures are to be saved in individual files, in EPS format (best choice), or in PSD or TIFF format (with a minimum resolution of 450 dpi). Authors have to remember, that the journal is edit in black-white vide.

There are no abbreviation, except system SI. All abbreviation have to be decoded.

All materials have to be sent in electronic mode.

  1. At a diagram has to be experimental points.
  2. Structure chemical formulas have to be made with special programs (format WMF).
  3. The editorial staff have a right to correct materials.
  4. Materials will not be back to author.
  5. If an article isn’t correspond to the journal’s requirements, publication will be absent.