The 2nd HPTLC Online User Meeting 2023, titled “HPTLC 4.0 – Awakening the Giant”, was successfully held on June 20th, 2023. This insightful event, organized by the International HPTLC Association, featured participation from Tetiana YURCHENKO and Elina KOTOVA of the Department of Experimental Support for the Development of Monographs on Herbal Drugs at the Ukrainian Scientific Pharmacopoeial Center for Quality of Medicines.

Keynote speakers Eike REICH, the President of the HPTLC Association, and Tiên DO, the Secretary General of the HPTLC Association, led discussions on a range of topics:

  • The Evolution of HPTLC
  • Latest Concepts and Applications in HPTLC
  • Envisioning the Future with HPTLC 4.0

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of HPTLC's history, its current advancements, and the future potential of this analytical technique. Discussions delved into how HPTLC 4.0 might influence quality control and applied research across various industries.

Elina Kotova and Tetiana Yurchenko's involvement in these discussions underscores their dedication to advancing HPTLC research and development, a commitment highly valued by the Ukrainian Scientific Pharmacopoeial Center for Quality of Medicines.

You can watch the meeting recording here.

Snapshots demonstrating the evolution of HPLC.


Snapshots demonstrating new developments in HPTLC.


Snapshots showing how the latest developments in HPTLC can predict the analysis result.