The preprint of the monograph on cannabis flower has been published on the EDQM website. An exceptional preliminary publication of this text is due to the extremely high interest of users in the fastest access to the new text. The monograph will be published in Supplement 11.5 to the European Pharmacopoeia in January 2024 (implementation date: July 1, 2024). The monograph on cannabis flowers (3028) involves the use of two reference standards:

  • Cannabidiol for cannabis CRS
  • Cannabis flower for system suitability HRS

Cannabis flower for system suitability HRS should be available to users at the time of publication of the corresponding text in Ph. Eur. (i.e., January 2024), and cannabidiol for cannabis CRS will be available to users no later than the implementation date (i.e., July 1, 2024).