Round 18 of the Proficiency Testing of laboratories for quality control of medicinal products is underway


Provider: State Scientific Pharmacopoeial Center for Quality of Medicines, with the support of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control.

Along with the traditional external evaluation of the laboratory's performance, this round also aims to facilitate the implementation of the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry's guidance documents in the activities of laboratories regarding the control of the uncertainty of measurement results.

During the PTS’s Round 18, the following will be evaluated:

– work of the analyst with a Mohr pipette;

– qualification of the analyst when using the spectrophotometry method in the UV-VIS range.

Laboratories wishing to participate in Round 18 (2023), are to fill out the application form available on the website and send it to the email:

The deadline for accepting the test results is April 28, 2023.